A semi support is a cross between a fighting pair and a supporting pair. Immediately put up a shield which can absorb a large amount of damage (Damage Factor 1200) for 4 seconds. “Shield of the King” is his active skill, when Alexander raises his shield he absorbs a certain amount of damage and in turn benefits the closest ally with the lowest percentage of troops remaining. ... really useful when it comes to farming and it’s something that should be done even when you have the possibility to pair a … Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC to fully enjoy the game! “Battle of Chaeronea” is his 4th skill that has two ways of use, while his shield is raised it will increase our defense by 30%, after it falls our units will gain 40% more attack. Alexander is an offensive infantry commander. If you are a new player it will be hard for you to make … ROK Commander Pairing Read More » Below is the best form you could ever find for answering your “What are the best commanders to work with ____?” question! The more viable pairings a Commander has, the bigger the bubble should be. on CodePen. Legendary RoK Forum. Hermann + El Cid Pure Archers or Mixed Troops. He has nicely converted all of the long data sheets into a very digestible graph, helping us browse and read the data a lot easier. RoK Videos. Others| World Conqueror Legendary Infantry Commander, Alexander the Great, is. The more viable pairings a Commander has, the bigger the bubble should be. EVENTS & STRATEGIES. Increases attack after using an ability. Pairing Commanders for Alexander: Alexander the Great has a lack of skill that can deal direct damage toward his enemy and the ability to clamp down the enemy targets. Infantry | Versatility|  Attack. COMMANDERS. The thickness of the line between commanders describe the synergy of those two. Alexander the Great is available in “Wheel of Fortune” from the 200th day of the kingdom, 3 times every 2 weeks and then joins the “Card King” event eventually. The order is random and does not rank the secondary commanders. Log In. Garrison It is why we highly recommend a strong nuker to pair with him, or you can use a debuffer to punish the enemy’s attack and defense. Next, are Epic, Elite, and finally Advanced. Rank = how good the paring is. Open-field Fights – Garrison Defense – Rally Attack. In Rise Of Kingdoms, you can create a lot of pairings with a combination of Legendary and Epic commanders. You have a 5/1/3/1 level 50 Alexander the Great with a level 30 Eulji Mundeok as your 5/5/5/5 secondary commander. There are a lot of working commander pairings in Rise of Kingdoms. His ultimate skill improves his “Shield of King” affecting nearby enemies (up to a maximum of 3) and they will receive 30% more damage for 4 seconds. Gamer, friend, Governor in Rise of Kingdoms and enthusiastic to help the community. Besides, any enemy tank will surely suffer from this pair’s march because of Alexander’s Healing Effect Reduction and Yi-Seong Gye’s heavy nuking ability. More. Ultimate ROK commander pairings list This is the best Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders Pairs list that is now in the game. You can only attack Barbarian Forts by way of a Rally, either you make the rally or you join a member of your alliance's rally. He gives a solid combination of attack and defense bonus, making this pair quite tanky to help offset Edward of Woodstock’s fragile defense. Non-healing, specifically for saladin has been considered, with some assumptions made that about 50% of the army will be infantry/heal based and therefore I believe I watered down the effect to 0.5. The infantry is slow, however, “Frontline Commander” will make this a fast unit in Open Field, it will also increase its attack, both bonus + 30%. Whether you’re thinking of playing the game, just downloaded it, or still learning the ropes, you probably want to go the right path … Alexander the Great: He is the best match for Guan Yu, mainly because he can provide what Guan Yu is lack of, which is defense.Alexander has the ability to generate a shield that can protect himself and Guan Yu. Rarity: Alexander The Great and Æthelflæd were released in the huge June 2019 update. Great option and a strong composition on the open field or far rallies. Etymology. See the Pen Now I'm debating who to keep skilling up since I'd really like to get Alexander eventually. When his shield is activated, the bonus changes to defense. Choose the kind of commander paring tier list you want to see. LATEST RISE OF KINGDOMS Guides Alliance and Individual credits Guide SUNSET CANYON GUIDE Rise Of Kingdoms On PC Download Jumper Account Alliance and Individual credits Guide ROK Gems Farming Alliance Territory Guide Farming Gold Passports and Migration Mightiest Governor Event Redeem Codes ROK commander pairing CASTLE UPGRADE COSTS – BOOKS OF COVENANT FARMING Rise Of … It has either compromised its fighting ability to bring a debuff/disable/AOE buff into the fight, or it is sacrificing its support potential to bring a bit more damage to the table. 0. simonho has collected some of the best data out of those possible commander pairings for us. Rank = how good the paring is. If you are still looking for the best secondary commander for your primary one, you will love this guide! If we choose Alaxander to defend structures or cities, he must be a secondary commander for the use only of his skills that will increase the statistics of his garrisoned units and will support his primary commander, this if he must have talents of “Garrison” or “Defense”, of this way we will have an absolute defense thanks to the perfect balance and strength of Alaxander the Great. Richard is another of the best options, like Martel, he has skills that make him a very defensive commander, his damage in skills is low, however, his statistics are quite high. Alex is an incredible legendary commander that works in many pairings, and will be a cornerstone of our legendary commander roster. It has a great active damage skill, plus its passives are excellent for leading infantry and defending structures.

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