(Also, have they been sent in the time frame defined, or has the Travel Office had to continually follow-up? The new owner should log in at https://accountrequest.uark.edu/ and complete the section at the end, "Change Ownership of an Account." Travel Services; T Card; The State of Arkansas will be switching from U.S. Bank to Bank of America effective November 2020. Page one of two – both pages required. ... ADH, and NCAA guidance and other university travel office policies or state travel regulations. Travel Details: The employee whose name appears on the Travel Card is authorized and responsible for all charges on the card. Travel Services. A Spend Authorization is required prior to travel, and must be approved by required cost center managers, with the Travel Office being the final, › Url: https://travel.uark.edu/travel-policy.php Go Now, › Url: https://travel.uark.edu/travel-links.php Go Now, Travel Details: Anthony Travel is the University of Arkansas' designated Travel Agency for use in the purchase of airline tickets, and optionally for booking of hotel and car rental if utilizing an Administrative or Traveler TCard. Any personal days that fall on a regular workday would be, › International travel accessories for men, © 2020 Travel AZ. University of Arkansas 321 Administration Building Campus Mail Stop: ADMN 321 Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701; P 479-575-2551; uatravel@uark.edu The system will also notify you via email, IF your password is due to expire within 60 days. Director of Event Logistics: tsm004@uark.edu. Tylre Meeks. To reach a study abroad staff member, you can call 479-575-7582 during normal business hours or email studyabr@uark.edu. of the Claim approval chain. approval. Please feel free to still schedule a virtual visit, or access our virtual experiences page.. Only once the invoice is Email. Travel Details: A Travel Advance will not be given on airfare or registration as these items should be placed on a TCard or Purchase Order. The Travel Office works diligently to process all Travel Claims for the University You will have a cover sheet that will also print. Reasonable Accommodation Requests with Travel: Please remember that if you or your traveler need special travel accommodations such as preferred seating, higher class tickets or closer parking, you must first seek approval from Toya Williams in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance. For must be done. rather than mailing them, please turn them in at the front desk in ADMN 321 so that At To reach a study abroad staff member, you can call 479-575-7582 or use our live chat during normal business hours, or email studyabr@uark… Phone: 479-575-5346 FAX: 479-575-7515. ... PAPSS Office 210 Gearhart Hall Fayetteville, AR 72701 Phone: 479.575.7523. Send EMail-O-Matic™ comments, updates, or corrections to … This is also a great way to book a trip for a companion who may want to accompany you on a business trip, but will pay with a personal credit card. Faculty Travel Requests for 2020/21 _____ This is an unusual time with regard to requests for funds for faculty travel. If you choose to walk your claims to our office This contract MUST be used (for all business related travel for employees, guests and students) unless a documented exception is noted on the travel claim. Claim before 10 days will typically disrupt our efficiency and ability to process Short Distance Travel: For all short distance travel, regardless of origin and destination, U.S. flag air carrier service will not be considered available when the elapsed travel time on a scheduled flight from origin to destination airport by foreign air carrier is 3 hours or less and service by U.S. flag air carrier. Parking Forms Please always note the T# on the receipt. Winter break 20221 travel. Required use if using an ADMN or Traveler . is a conference, list the name or acronym for the conference. Travel Details: the same travel itinerary if possible. All members of the Travel By email to immu@uark.edu Records can be obtained from private physician’s office, high school transcripts, or the Arkansas Department of Health immunization database (Arkansas high school students only). The U.S. Passport is a globally accepted travel document, regardless of mode of travel. Complete the following steps to create a Travel Requisitioin for Group Travel: From admin.uark.edu you will then login to webBASIS via the Administrator Login using your ADMIN ID and ADMIN password. The area of interest here is the My Travel option. ), Travel Details: 3. If an assistant’s name was provided at the time of the self-, Travel Details: The Travel Office will be the final approval step before any financial commitment may occur; all documented approval must be attached to a Spend Authorization in Workday prior to travel. Britney McGloflin. please give a brief descriptor of that research. To book travel on behalf of another employee: 1. You can complete the Travel Claim Checklist BEFORE you turn in the Travel Claim to 340 N. Campus Drive Gearhart Hall 213 1 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701 Tel: 1-479-575-4401 Fax: 1-479-575-5908 gradinfo@uark.edu “In Process” is the first stage, the one creating the claim needs to submit the claim, “Submitted” is the second stage; the department’s target chain needs to approve the You have the option of adding additional arrangers, but you, Travel Details: 3. memberships), Car Rentals and Lodging (Room and Tax only). Meals Lodging. University of Arkansas Research & Sponsored Programs RSSP Investigator’s Toolbox University of Arkansas Surplus University of Arkansas Travel Office University of Arkansas Student Tuition & Fees Information Fee Waivers for Employees, Spouses and Dependents. › Url: https://travel.uark.edu/tcard/policy.php Go Now. Microsoft 365 is a full suite of productivity and collaboration tools, including Microsoft Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Advance Request . Travel Details: U of A Travel Office. Anthony TravelPh: 479-595-0741 or Toll Free: 888-667-2955. For those individuals who travel substantially within the State of Arkansas, the Travel Office will allow a 'blanket' Travel Authorization (TA) to be setup so that a department does not have to create a one time Travel Authorization (TA) each time the individual travels. If you are human, leave this field blank. 2. Both claims related to the shared expense must be emailed directly to myself or Shavawn Your participation in the University of Arkansas Travel Card Program is a convenience that carries responsibilities along with it. When processing the Travel Claim the PF6 (TrvTC) key is available if the traveler has charges. The online application for Spring Travel Assistance will be available beginning Jan.14. several of us are included in the same email, we find that we are all working on the If you selecting a departing airport you normally depart from, within your profile that airport will be displayed. The meal receipts ARE NOT to be sent to the Travel Office, UNLESS it is a group meal, or a meal which qualifies as a 'business meal' under the Official Function policy of the University. Bumpers College International Programs Office. you in the process to gain that approval. possible to process them! You have been granted the privilege of having a University of Arkansas Travel Card (TCard). for the purchase of your airline tickets Travel . Figure 4 is the main menu presented to a University employee via our webBASIS system. Many times when The Arkansas Office of State Procurement has awarded a mandatory contract for rental cars to Enterprise/National Rental Car or Hertz Rental Car.When renting a vehicle for University business departments are required to use this contract (including all business-related travel for employees, guests, and students). Travel Costs are defined in the U.S Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR 200.474(a), as: Expenses for transportation, lodging, subsistence, and related items incurred by employees who are in travel status on official business of the … Travel News | Travel Services | University of Arkansas. All students, faculty, and staff traveling outside of the United States on University of Arkansas related activity will register their travel with the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange. Travel Requisition Form Travel Claim Worksheet. Departing City. Trip Total Expense Report Request Anticipated Expenses Destination Information Additional Information (if necessary), Travel Details: Travel Office will also audit them. Trip Total Spend Authorization Request Anticipated Expenses Destination Information Additional Information (if necessary), Travel Details: Title: University of Arkansas Form for Lost/Unobtainable Travel Card Receipt Author: IT-Web Developement Created Date: 11/24/2003 8:52:20 AM, Travel Details: allowable travel days). Taxi Miscellaneous Expenses. Travel Details: Mandatory Car Rental Contract. Please be sure to include more detail in your purpose description. Office monitor the uatravel@uark.edu email as well as our own email and we respond to phone calls throughout the day. Mexico Summer Urban Studio Since 1994, the Fay Jones School has provided students with the opportunity for a wide range of cultural and architectural experiences through the … This information will be forwarded to the Travel Administrator who will contact US Bank for action. possible. Business Services. The Cardholder must also immediately notify the Travel Office at the first opportunity during normal U of A business hours. I have received instruction from cardholder and agree to follow all procedures established for use of the TCard. bnmcglof@uark.edu. Travel Claim. When personal days are included with business travel, the dates that should be considered personal days (days in which travel expenses are not allowed to be claimed) are those in which the traveler is not engaged in a business activity or allowed travel time. If you are a United States citizen and do not yet have a United States Passport Book or Passport Card, you may now apply for your new passport at the University of Arkansas Passport Services Office. That being said, please hold off on emailing us to check The compliance: Was a TA created for the traveler for whom the purchase was made? Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences 525 Old Main University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 479-575-4801 fulbright@uark.edu Submission: Please make sure you are submitting your claim in BASIS, Claim Status: an ‘Approved’ claim simply means that the claim has been approved for Congratulations! If travel involves airfare, please remember to provide a quote of the flight for just She will help guide Select your Conference/Workshop Travel Grant application. Travel Details: The Travel Claim information is available for entry. Travel Details: The Arkansas Office of State Procurement has a mandatory rental car contract to Enterprise Rental Car, National or Hertz. Step Three: Assign Assistant to book on your behalf This is an optional field where you can assign an administrative assistant to book travel on your behalf. When submitting, remember that only 1 day of travel is allowed on either side of an Note: Limit one travel grant per student for the period July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020. With such a limited staff processing over 20,000 travel claims with providing training, and so much more, we would greatly appreciate your assistance reduce possible issues and/or questions we may have about the Travel Claim. Airfare Car Rental. If you are not employed by the University, please email wechever@uark.edu. Get your roster turned in with your Travel Request, and if things change you have a minimum of 3 days before leaving for your trip that you can edit this document. If this occurs again, the shared half of the expenses will not be reimbursed. The online application is now available for Spring Travel Assistance. over $16,000,000 expenses each year as well as approving new TReqs and updates to Co-Director of Hospitality. occur they are documented and can result in suspension of the card. Tcard. internet, taxis, shuttles and especially meals, are not permitted. local purchases must go on the PCard. – As the University of Arkansas prepares for the start of its Spring 2021 semester, the campus community is encouraged to review the updated COVID-19 Response Guide before returning to campus. Spend Authorization Number. whhadley@uark.edu. Financial Resources. Students in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences may contact Dr. Andrew Proctor, Director of International Agricultural Programs, Bumpers College Dean's Office, E-108 AFLS Building, 479-575-2252, aproctor@uark.edu. within 10 business days of receipt in our office. the notice from Toya with the rest of the claim documentation. will not be incurring travel expenses. This includes local conferences for which you Please, always staple claims, instead of paperclipping. 4. At this point you can select the appropriate charges or email the list to the. Meals Lodging. Processing your Own Travel Claim You as an employee have the option of processing your own Travel Claim in webBASIS upon the return of a trip. The Graduate School does not reimburse the student for travel that was not taken, so th… Mileage. Any time a travel claim includes an expense tied to that accommodation, you must attach Required Forms: Please remember to include the following forms with your travel claims ; This form must be completed even if you have a Travel Grant from the Graduate School or is someone else is paying your expenses. the business dates/destinations to compare to the flight purchased. Has the Travel Claim along with detailed receipts for TCARD charges and/or credits been sent to Travel? The U.S. Passport is a globally accepted travel document, regardless of mode of travel. Please remember If you have not yet registered for the online booking platform Concur, you can do Click on this button and the claim will route for electronic approval. Contact Toya and let her know what accommodations you are seeking. Incorrect P/TCard Purchases: These cards have 2 distinct functions. If a traveler Tcard is involved, this will be documented and can result in the loss Travel Details: Travel Profile if you have questions regarding accessing your profile. Tina C. Lester Director of Business Services 575-6765 Manager of Travel Services 575-2551 Elizabeth Miller Manager of Travel Support 575-5867 Elena Degago Travel Analyst 575-5363 Vacant Travel Analyst 575-2551 Click on the airplane to begin searching for airline flights: 4. 5. The Travel Office continues to process hundreds of Travel Claims daily. Please note that no accommodations for travel expenses are permitted without that For more information, visit the University of Arkansas’ Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange. If these purchases If you are not employed by the University, please email wechever@uark.edu. Travel Details: Step Three: Booking Travel for an Employee If you have been setup as a Travel Arranger for a traveler, you will have access to book travel on their behalf, and also to update their profile as necessary. We receive very large quantities Airfare Car Rental. so at the following link: Travel Claims: There are a few things to keep in mind that will help speed the review Travel Details: traveler, date of purchase, dates of travel, itemized list of costs, and service fee. More information regarding the U of A's response to COVID-19 is available on the University's COVID-19 site. Contacting an Anthony Travel Agent Directly with a 25.00 service fee, or 35.00 service fee if traveling internationally. of the document type you’re asking about), Concur/Anthony Travel questions including password changes or profile creation (, Outstanding  TCard charges questions/concerns, Credit Card ordering/cancelation/suspension, Can raise credit card limits or check on declines. and returned the Travel Claim to the Travel Office? We will review the claims at the same time to ensure no double payment. Students can also receive the MMR vaccine at the Allergy, Immunization, and Travel … If the purpose All international travelers must consider the possibility of travel restrictions, quarantines and other potential travel-related issues. 340 N. Campus Drive Gearhart Hall 213 1 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701 1.479.575.4401 P 479-575-3351 F 479-575-8630 E-mail: math@uark.edu This Provost Office sponsored grant of up to $1,000 is available to tenured and tenure-track faculty who have been invited to make conference presentations. The employee in charge of the trip along the department head or other authorized agent must sign the claim. Reasonable Accommodation Requests with Travel: Please remember that if you or your traveler need special travel accommodations such as preferred seating, higher class tickets or closer parking, you must first seek approval from Toya Williams in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance. In addition, the University may not support travel to countries based on information from the CDC regarding outbreaks of infectious disease. Business Services. The Travel office is not part Destination City Return Date. › Url: https://travel.uark.edu/_resources/documents/travelguide1.doc Go Now. Student Travel Policy Information The Student Travel Policy applies to all undergraduate students, and any graduate student who is not on an assistantship. › Url: https://travel.uark.edu/carrental/enterprise-contract.php Go Now, Travel Details: Travel Claim has been paid in Travel and expensed, the receivables you may have already included with a travel claim will still be displayed until expensing occurs. U of A International Students and Scholars; ... please drop off your I-20 at the ISS office and allow approximately 5 to 10 business days for it to be signed. Be cautious when booking lodging through a third-party website; some third parties do not offer refunds. Business Services. If the purpose is research, TRAVEL OFFICE STAFF:The Travel Office staff is available for communication via email, Microsoft Teams, Parking Registration. event for domestic travel, or 2 days for international. › Url: https://travel.uark.edu/travel_news.php Go Now, Travel Details: Travel Services. Although this card is issued in your name, it . Katie Beth Nichols. To get started, log into Office 365 with your @uark.edu email and password, and then click Install Office. Economy airfare is cheaper, but the airline often does not refund nor credit the payment to another trip. Contact the CEA staff at 479-575-3104 or ada@uark.edu if you would like to discuss additional ways in which to provide access to your student. Travel Outside the United States. You can look for the status of the DESK it is on for approval. I will immediately return the TCard, and all receipts, to the cardholder. • The College may support faculty travel to a professional meeting that does not involve a paper presentation or an office. If you have issues with the link, please email the Travel Card Administrator at uatravel@uark.edu Traveler TCard Training . they can be date stamped. Phone: 479-575-2551 Fax: 479-575-4158 4help@uark.edu Cash. Co-Director of Promotions. I will not use the TCard for non University of Arkansas related travel, unauthorized purchases, or for personal purchases. By email to immu@uark.edu Records can be obtained from private physician’s office, high school transcripts, or the Arkansas Department of Health immunization database (Arkansas high school students only). We receive Travel Details: The travel claim will print on multiple pages depending on the claim. Personal vehicle mileage In cases where students or other members of the group drive their personal vehicle to Fayetteville (our campus’ official station) for an event, the mileage allowance must be based upon the distances approved by the Travel Office. Travel Details: Overseas Travel Warning Policy: The University of Arkansas does not currently support travel, research or study in countries that are under a U.S. State Department Travel Warning. TRAVEL OFFICE UPDATE December 2018; modified January 2020 . Departure Date. Click on "Applications" at the top of the page. Department of History Old Main 416, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701. Human Resources 222 Administration Building Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-575-5351 Fax: 479-575-6971 A travel request must be submitted at 10 days before the trip. "Approved" is the next stage; after the Travel Claim has been "Approved" by the department, A picture is provided of our electronic travel claim process by including snap shots of web pages, portions of pages, and even the 3270 terminal screens used by the Travel Office to pay a claim. Acceptable justification would include no vehicles from any of the three agencies available at the destination. TRAVEL OFFICE UPDATE December 2018; modified January 2020, Links to important University of Arkansas pages, Confirm that the Travel Claim has been Submitted and Approved, documentation has been imaged (a Travel Claim cannot be paid if not).

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