8,59 € Weiter. Renesmee Carlie "Nessie" Cullen (/ r ə ˈ n ɛ z m eɪ / rə-NEZ-may) is the dhampir daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, born on September 11, two days before Bella's nineteenth birthday in Breaking Dawn. Jasper doesn't remember his humanity much, but he remembers the change with clarity, and the killer he's become. Jasper's adoptive brother: Edward Cullen. At first, he was puzzled by her happy behavior around him, but nevertheless, her joyful emotions impacted him greatly. He immediately left Maria and her coven to join Peter and Charlotte. The encounter prompted the family to move again, and Jasper politely asked Maria to keep her distance, because he had no interest in rejoining her coven and lifestyle. ", In the Twilight movie, Jessica Stanley describes him as "the blond one who looks like he's in pain.". Jasper Cullen may be one of the Cullen clan’s quietest members, but he has one of the most gruesome canon backstories of any Twilight character By Cathal Gunning Dec 05, 2020 The soft-spoken Jasper Cullen (or Hale) may be one of the Cullen clan’s quietest members, but he has one of the most gruesome canon backstories of any Twilight character. AKA The Twilight Storytellers Short Films . Taschenbuch . By Nathaniel Vanderpoort May 24, 2019. He considers himself as the weakest link in the family, and Edward often comforts him on this. Human (originally/formerly)Vampire (formerly) He plays second fiddle to James in the first Twilight. While in the army, he befriended a newborn named Peter, whom he persuaded Maria to keep because of his advanced combat skills and kindred spirit. When her year mark as a newborn neared its end, Jasper was assigned to kill her, but instead Peter fled with her up to North America. Also, Jasper has a brief conversation with friends Peter and Charlotte before they departed. The Twilight Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Wanting nothing more that to be loved and accepted he runs into something that shakes him up. In 1905, Peter came back and told Jasper about the way vampires could coexist up North. The air is filled with death. Jasper with Alice at Bella and Edward's wedding. Sometime after that, by Carlisle's suggestion, he and Alice married; due to their physical similarities, Jasper changed his surname to that of his adoptive sister Rosalie's, and occasionally poses as her twin. Vampire Twilight Filmrechte. It's Bella's 100th birthday! By: katandjasper. Stephenie Meyer's new Twilight book, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, swapped Edward and … Beau hates forks until he meets the temperamental and beautiful Edward Cullen. He is best friends with Monty Green and did great in chemistry class. After the death of her parents, Alice moves with her aunt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is revealed that Jasper has a secret business relationship with a lawyer in Seattle named J. Jenks after Alice leaves Bella clues to find him. Portrayed by Since Maria wouldn't keep vampires after the first year of their transformations, Jasper was responsible for disposing of them, something he felt remorseful of because he could feel their pain when he killed them just as much as he could feel the pain of his human victims. Jasper Hale/Original Female Character(s) (1) Alice Cullen & Edward Cullen (1) Jasper Hale & Original Female Character(s) (1) Emmett Cullen & Bella Swan (1) Include Additional Tags Vampires (2) Twilight Renaissance (2) Angst (1) Death (1) Anal Sex (1) Marriage (1) Missing Scene (1) Self-Harm (1) Oral Sex (1) High School (1) Other tags to include When he and Alice return from their secret journey in Breaking Dawn, Esme embraces both of them tightly to welcome them back. Maria (1st time; as human)Caius (2nd time; as vampire) After this incident, Maria's feelings for him changed: he could sense how fearful—and somewhat mistrustful—she was toward him, and knew that she would plot a way to destroy him. While hiding in a hotel room, he senses Bella's guilt of putting them in danger and tries to convince her to not feel guilty, but to no avail. Special characteristics Sometimes when writing her books she would accidentally refer to him as such and confused who ever was reading it. Physical description Jasper is completely in love with Alice and he often acts a lot more open when he is around her. By living a vegetarian, he was freed from the emotions that so depressed him. Jasper and Maria seemingly shared a short romantic relationship but she never got over her deceased mate. All vampires are immortal and must drink blood to survive, but TV series and films often flip the script when it comes to the widely-accepted folklore surrounding these supernatural creatures. Series. Finally, they located the family in 1950 and quickly joined them. He began planning how to destroy her first, despite his reluctance to the idea of destroying the one person who mattered to him, but his years in the coven had affected him so deeply that he almost became a savage. ... i'm always tired, but never of you. Basic vampire abilities (formerly)Self control (formerly) In Midnight Sun, Edward explains Jasper's annoyance at being watched over and being treated as the weak link. Rosalie Hale is Jasper's adoptive sister, and uses her last name to ease the confusion they cause to the people around them about their relationships to Alice and Emmett Cullen. Special Characteristics He is a natural scholar and avid reader, and has a shrewd mind on business and battle tactics. Even though they share a close bond, Peter has a hard time understanding Jasper's depression of killing humans since he does not have the gift to sense emotions. Since Jasper is the best fighter and Edward has telepathy to back him up, their fighting techniques are very well-matched, which is demonstrated in Eclipse when they train together in preparation for the battle against Victoria's army. Packaged as a hardback 'flip book', this edition features nearly 400 pages … Jasper takes a small amount of pleasure in the fact that Edward is in need of help for a change. 7.474 globale Bewertungen. Eventually, he left Charlotte and Peter. Even after decades of joining the more peaceful Cullen family and practicing vegetarianism, he still has a hard time abstaining from human blood, which can easily make him lose control if they are in close proximity. Jasper Whitlock (birth name)Jazz (by the Cullens)Mr. Jasper (by J. Jenks)Jasper Cullen (by Sam Uley) Jasper has a different kind of adventure before he meets the Cullens. It does not take long before he learns to love his new niece, "Renesmee Cullen". On one occasion, he misinterprets Edward's sudden anxiety and immediately immobilizes Bella while handing the baby to him. This shows that Esme and Jasper are really quite close to each other, as with the rest of their family. Jasper Whitlock joined the Confederate Army before he turned 19, by using his way of persuasion. as Alice had said when Jasper was telling his story to Bella in Eclipse. Jasper first met Alice after facing almost a century long depression to walk into a diner. ", and answers, "The same number that had died in the attempt. In the following 2 years, he was promoted to major in the army and became the youngest major in Texas. With the Uley pack threatening to kill Bella and possibly some of his family, Jasper guards around the house. During their time together, Jasper and Maria became close and she rewarded him, particularly for helping her defeat her sisters when they rebelled. Romance (s) He could constantly sense the pain of those he killed, either for position or sustenance. He tried to kill less often by hunting the sinister and would mostly steal blood bags from hospitals when over the decades. When Edward accidentally exposes his speed and strength to Bella Swan, Jasper is upset with the potential danger she poses to Alice and wants to kill her, prompting Edward to plan a head-on strategy to stop him and almost cause a rip in their brotherhood. He also expresses that he thinks of her as one of them. At the airport, Bella takes Jasper to go find a place to eat. When he became a vampire, Jasper gained the ability to feel and manipulate people's emotions which was very useful in controlling the younger newborns. Edward barks against all of his ideas, until Alice tells them she will soon be romantically connected with Edward. He was able to learn from Alice's point how vampires had the ability to survive off of animal blood instead of human blood, as well as their future with Carlisle Cullen and his family. Trotz des Erfolges von Twilight, immerhin 1,3 Milliarden US-Dollar, war Summit Entertainment hoch verschuldet. Because he was charismatic as a human, Jasper can sense and change the emotions of others as a vampire, though he must be careful not to constantly manipulate those around him, so as not to create a false reality of others simply feeling what he wants them to feel. Jasper and Jacob's relationship had quite a dull beginning due to their statuses as natural enemies. Brown (human)Crimson (newborn)Red (vampire)Gold (vegetarian)Black (thirsty as a vampire) He is the husband of Alice Cullen and the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, as well as the adoptive brother of Rosalie Hale, Emmett and Edward Cullen. Jacob becomes more interconnected with the Cullens after he imprinted on Jasper's niece, Renesmee, and subsequently became closer to Jasper as well. Friend (s) But as they are members of the same family, it is implied that they do care for each other. Gender Bella's Birthday Bash by 09sarahbean reviews. They began when a vampire named Benito created the first newborn army to conquer other covens that controlled New Mexico and Texas. 6'3" In the film Eclipse, it is suggested that Maria and Jasper were romantically involved. Five years later, Peter returned, and told Jasper about the civilized life that was possible in the north. After evacuating women and children, he rode on his way back to Galveston and met the vampires, Maria, Lucy and Nettie, who had recently lost their respective territories to other covens. They aren't as flamboyant about their relationship as Rosalie and Emmett are. When she held out her hand, he took it, and felt an unfamiliar emotion for the first time: hope. Known For The Last Airbender Sokka (2010) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Jasper Hale (2010) Twilight Jasper (2008) Known For The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Jasper Hale … At the end of the book, he can only witness her execution. He is very close to this brother, along with Emmett. Laurent searches for Bella in Forks, but ends up coming face to face with … Books Twilight. Jacob finds Jasper's fighting skills very intense and useful. At some point before his crime, Jasper attended a Masquerade dance with his friends where he first saw Octavia Blake.Jasper was arrested alongside Monty after they were caught \"stealing herbs\". Jasper also becomes very connected to Bella in Breaking Dawn because of her constantly joyful mood as a vampire. Jasper and Alice's search eventually leads them to South America where they find a human/vampire hybrid named Nahuel. In the following 2 years, he was promoted to major in the army and became the youngest major in Texas. Born During his years with Maria and her coven, his power allowed him to control the newborn vampire soldiers better, which is what made him Maria's favorite.