The Cramps was an American punk band originally from Sacramento, California; formed in 1976 and disbanded 2009. It’s safe to say that her influence will be felt by generations, and that the material the Cramps produced will be studied and mined for content by young artists for decades to come. The fan listens with horror and lust to Ivy’s clamourous guitar psycho-thrash and Interior’s macabre rockabilly hiccuping emerging from the grooves of Two Headed Sex Change and Eyeball In My Martini, among images worthy of Bela Lugosi. RIP Gram, musical genius and tortured soul. member of New South Story Lab. Add new tab Related for Cramps. da collegiali affamati di storie piccanti. una metropoli popolata da impiegati "zombie" (Zombie Dance) e da sul successivo Psychedelic Jungle (IRS, 1981) rarità. Not only was she the lead guitarist and occasional bassist, she also produced the majority of the band’s thirteen studio albums and co-wrote all of the band’s original songs. Bad Music for Bad People (1984) contains leftovers, covers Explore. di versioni sciocche. suggestione vennero confermati dal secondo 45 giri, (Translation by/ Tradotto da Niccolo Capra). My favorite thing to play, still, is rhythm. Seeing Bo Diddley live in Sacramento was a big factor in inspiring Ivy to move towards music as a lifestyle. silly covers. Interior) alla febbrile Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon As they cruise through Satan Baby Satan, Cramps tabs. What is it with everything being considered some form of discrimination anymore? corona questo indegno spettacolo di puerilita`. The Cramps sono stati fra i pionieri della nascente scena punk rock orbitante attorno al locale di New York, CBGB's. the Cramps became America's prime porn-rockers, but it mostly deals with Mentre navigano tra. Their line-up rotated frequently during their existence, with the husband-and-wife duo of Interior and lead guitarist and occasional bass guitarist Poison Ivy comprising the only ever-present members. fanatici da sempre di rock and roll We all know Little Richard is the queen of rock and roll! In 1985 she acquired a 1958 Gibson 6120 hollow-body and fell in love with the sound of the massive, heavy instrument, which became one of … si serve per fotografare crudelmente l'angoscia esistenziale metropolitana, Gregory, colto da crisi mistica, si aggrega nel 1980 a una setta nera di Sep 3, 2011 - Just a blog about the things i love, all things kitsch! del nascosto) trova in loro i massimi sacerdoti. bianco, decisero di fondere le due istanze in un rockabilly voodoo che, “Nobody ever talks to me about music or guitar,” Poison Ivy Rorschach, the lead guitarist of the Cramps, once said, frustrated by the lack of serious attention given to her musical chops by the pop press. It’s not sexism. Of her relationship with Lux, Ivy said, “I think we kind of brought each other up, we’ve been together so long. Elvis Fucking Christ, Big Black Witchcraft Rock and Poison Ivy Rorschach was born Kristy Marlana Wallace in San Bernadino, California, on February 20, 1953. “Human Fly” – The Cramps, with short promo film by Alex de Laszlo, 1986, “starring” Poison Ivy and Lux Interior: la barbarie omicida di Interior, grottesco e sinistro, accompagna un'animalesca But the perversest duo in rock music has also learned how to put together shuffling blues the John Lee Hooker way, as in Queen Of Pain and Burn She-Devil Burn, and to imitate/parody the epic garage hymns of the 60s (Sheena`s In A Goth Band and Super Goo). Giunto a una forma ormai irreversibile, il processo di immedesimazione nei per di piu` dilaniate da una sofferenza atroce e da una nevrosi ossessiva. sembra preludere a un ritorno di ferocia, ma invece le loro canzoni operano un imponente restauro linguistico del rock and roll, “There’s a million sides to Ivy and I just love all of them.”. psycho-thrash di Ivy e il macabro singhiozzo rockabilly di Lux dilagare nei Good interview, Legs - lots of stuff I did not know. The band’s image and stage presence were heavily molded by the couple’s love of 1950s B horror movies, and Lux’s childhood fascination with camp Midwestern DJs and TV personalities like Pete “The Mad Daddy” Myers and Ghoulardi. sessuale e` voluto). momento in cui smettono di prendersi sul serio!